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 Level Controls


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  Princo offers RF capacitance (admittance) level controls for virtually every application. With our exclusive 10 year warranty, Princo RF level controls provide an unbeatable value.  



  The Princo Non-Intrusive - NULL-KOTE™ Presence/Absence Detector is an  obstruction-less sensing system that monitors the presence or absence of liquids or solids in all types of process systems, especially suitable for Run-Dry Protection of progressive cavity and positive displacement pumps.  

 Building Materials
Power Plants
Water - Wastewater



Building Materials

In the production of wallboard / drywall, gypsum rock is ground into powder, then mixed into a slurry which is then used to form drywall board. In the fabrication of composite decking, railing and fencing products, reclaimed wood and recycled polyethylene are combined into durable outdoor building products. In these and virtually any other building material manufacturing process, level controls of various types are required to maintain an efficient cost effective operation.


Chemical processing plants commonly have large vessels or sections called units that are interconnected by piping or other material-moving equipment which can carry streams of material. Such material streams include liquids, solids or slurries.


Explosives are chemicals, but unlike other chemicals, most explosives detonate rather than burn. A detonation is a very rapid chemical reaction using oxygen that is contained in the material rather than in the air. In a detonation, the chemical reaction releases gases that rapidly expand and give off energy as they become hot.

Power Plants

A power plant is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power through the successive conversion of energy. For example, in a coal fired plant the chemical energy stored in coal and the oxygen in the air is converted successively into thermal energy, mechanical energy and, finally, electrical energy for distribution across a wide geographic area. Prior to use,  coal silos may be used to maintain and/or control the inventory. When coal is burned, it creates an ash that if not controlled can fly up the stack into the atmosphere; hence, fly ash

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage processing plants, including bottling, canning, grain and dry goods processing, all require level controls to prevent overflow, to determine low levels or empty tanks, to maintain consistent recipes in mix kettles, and to provide continuous monitoring of vessels where there is a need to have an accurate account of the contents. Sanitary Level controls with Tri-Clamp™ fittings are often the required connection.

Grains and Milling

Essentially, there are only two things that happen in a flour roller mill: grinding and separating. Before wheat can be milled into flour, it must first be cleaned and conditioned to remove foreign material and poor quality or infested kernels. The separation by size, grade, etc. at each stage of the milling process creates many dozens of "streams" which wind their way through the mill. In the end, the various streams are blended and mixed to make various grades of flour, then treated with the addition of malted barley, bleaching agents, enrichments, etc. before packaging. Level measurement is used to control and maintain inventory in the storage silos and bins that contain: wheat, additive ingredients, intermediate by products, and the final product flour.  SmartSonic™ for bulk solids is the level transmitter of choice for milling and grain applications and the NULL-KOTE level switch is ideal to prevent spills.

Environmental Control

Minerals and Mining

Oil and Gas




Truck Loading

Water and Wastewater

Water treatment and handling operations, both clean water (drinking) and dirty water (wastewater) require level control throughout the facility including: sumps and lift stations, water towers, chemical tanks, run-dry pump detection, and open channel flow.



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