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  Princo offers RF capacitance (admittance) level controls for virtually every application. With our exclusive 10 year warranty, Princo RF level controls provide an unbeatable value.  



  The Princo Non-Intrusive - NULL-KOTE™ Presence/Absence Detector is an  obstruction-less sensing system that monitors the presence or absence of liquids or solids in all types of process systems, especially suitable for Run-Dry Protection of progressive cavity and positive displacement pumps.  



Princo Instruments, Inc. is a leading level control manufacturer, and the first and only company in the process control industry to provide a 10-year warranty.

Princo level controls are suitable for use on virtually any material; liquids, slurries, interfaces, granules and bulk solids.

Princo Instruments, Inc. has been manufacturing precision measurement instruments and controls since 1910.  In the early 1970's Princo began manufacturing level controls.  With level transmitters, point level switches and multipoint controllers, utilizing RF impedance, ultrasonic and resonance sensing technologies, Princo has the right solution for your level application.

The New Princo Microwave Level Switch is a non-invasive, non-contact detector that penetrates "Through the Wall" of non-metallic vessels.  It is the perfect solution for detecting the level of: "Hot Side" Fly Ash Hoppers, Coal in Bunkers, Cement, Flour, etc. in Dusty Silos, Metal Ore in Chutes, Molten Glass in Furnaces and more.

For over than 30 years, Princo has been manufacturing the Non-Intrusive - NULL-KOTE™ Presence/Absence Detector.  It is an  obstruction-less sensing system that monitors the presence or absence materials (often sludge)  for Run-Dry Protection of progressive cavity / positive displacement pumps.

The SmartSonicline of ultrasonic level transmitters utilizes a unique narrow beam technology enabling its application rather than expensive Radar technology.

The Princo SMART 1model L4610 RF Level Transmitter, was introduced in 1992, was the process control industry's first "smart" digital RF level transmitter.

Innovative RF Null-Koteelectronics cancels out any conductive material coatings that may adhere to level sensing probes.  All RF Null-Koteunits; are easy to install and wire, have the Easy-On-Probe™ connection, are enclosed in an explosion-proof -weatherproof housing, come conformal-coated for moisture protection, and are factory calibrated.

New from Princo, Low-Cost,Two-Wire OEM Transmitter.

Many features that other manufacturers consider to be extra-cost options are standard -- at no extra cost -- from Princo.

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Princo has the right solution for your level application.

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