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 Level Controls


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Princo Level Controls


  Princo offers RF capacitance (admittance) level controls for virtually every application. With our exclusive 10 year warranty, Princo RF level controls provide an unbeatable value.  



  The Princo Non-Intrusive - NULL-KOTE™ Presence/Absence Detector is an  obstruction-less sensing system that monitors the presence or absence of liquids or solids in all types of process systems, especially suitable for Run-Dry Protection of progressive cavity and positive displacement pumps.  

 RF Transmitters
RF Point Level
RF MultiPoint Level
Microwave Switch
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Princo Instruments, Inc. is the first and only level control manufacturer to provide a

"10-year warranty"

We offer level controls that are suitable for virtually any process material

Liquids · Slurries · Interfaces · Granules · Bulk Solids 

Plus a full range of instruments

Transmitters · Point Switches · Multipoint Controllers

Now Available


The next generation of

ultrasonic level transmitters

Liquids or Solids


RF Level Transmitters - "designed to survive", immune to adverse effects of conductive coating build up, tropicalized electronics, factory pre-calibrated, housed in Explosion-proof NEMA 4 enclosures .... more info>.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - SmartSonic-2TM is Princo’s second generation of SMART ultrasonic level transmitters incorporating simple step-by-step PC set up and calibration .... more info>.

Presence Absence Detector - obstruction-less detection of presence/absence of liquids or solids in all types of process systems, especially suitable for run-dry protection of progressive cavity and positive displacement pumps.... more info>

Open Channel Flow - SmartSonic-2TM ~ Princo’s unique SMART transmitter, with narrow beam technology, HART® protocol, the best ultrasonic level systems on the market today .... more info>

MagneLevel™ Transmitter - a low cost magnetic coupled sensing alternative to those expensive magnetostrictive technology devices currently on the market ... more info>

Microwave Level Switch - penetrating "Through the Wall" Level Detector measures through non-metallic vessels, such as firebrick, fiberglass, plastic, etc.... more info>

RF Multipoint Level -  single top mount entry port, ideal for processes requiring multiple level alarm points, lift stations control, batching operations and industrial sumps .... more info>.

RF Point Level - with our Null-KoteTM (coating immune) feature and unique "easy-on" probe connection, perfect for all your level alarm and control applications .... more info>.

Pressure Level Transmitters SmartPress™ ~ Princo’s unique SMART pressure level transmitter applicable on most liquids, including vaporous, foaming, viscous, or corrosive materials .... more info>

Resonator™ Economy Point Level Switch - innovative resonance sensing technology, unaffected by viscosity, foam, conductivity, dielectric, suspended solids, bubbles and/or turbulence.... more info>

 Chinese ICC Announcement Princo Instruments, Inc. has entered into an International Cooperating Company with Shanghai Xiongfeng Automation Control Engineering Company Ltd.... more info>

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